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Thermaltake launches Luxa 2 Groovy T Boom Box

Thermaltake is continuing to push its Luxa 2 audio division, with the release of a new portable speaker called the GroovyT Magic Boom Box. It's a small form factor, mobile audio device that breaks the chain of cables and wireless connectivity, by requiring none of that to amplify your smartphone's …

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Luxa2 launches brand new online store

While the initial sheen might have come off the smartphone market (Apple in particular) as it moves to becoming a commodity, it is still a growth industry. But enjoying far greater growth is the accessory industry that has grown around it. KitGuru snags a sighting of a new site – …

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Luxa2 launches iPad Mini in car cinema

Check out the publicity documentation for almost any high end vehicle these days, and you can be sure of one thing. There will be greater investment options available for the in-car entertainment than there will for things like the breaking systems. Luxa2 has launched a neat little product that will …

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Luxa2 launches new range of Apple accessories

Luxa2 is the ‘executive goodies' division of Thermaltake. While the core company brand deals with chassis etc and Tt eSports handles the pro-gamers kit, Luxa2 focuses on all things Apple. KitGuru checks the latest offers to see if they are really golden and delicious. Hot on the heels of its …

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