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Luxa2 launches iPad Mini in car cinema

Check out the publicity documentation for almost any high end vehicle these days, and you can be sure of one thing. There will be greater investment options available for the in-car entertainment than there will for things like the breaking systems. Luxa2 has launched a neat little product that will enable to to save on entertaining kiddies on the backseat. KitGuru feels the fabric of their fibre.

Anyone who's tried a 2 hour flight with or without a film on their iPad, will know that in-flight entertainment can make all the difference. Even on short-haul, the distraction of a blockbuster etc is enough to give you the ‘takeoff – blink – landing' experience.

For children, that effect is magnified.

Sitting in the back of a car for more than half an hour, can seem like forever – and what parent hasn't suffered the constant distraction of an endless chorus of ‘Are we there yet?' questions shouted from the back seat while you're trying to manoeuvre at high speed.

But so many kids are now getting iPad Minis, that the solution really presents itself. Find a simple, effective, low-cost way to attach an iPad mini to the back of the driver's headrest – and you have an in-car entertainment system that won't smash to the floor if your kid falls asleep.

Enter the Luxa2 MiniCinema ipad Mini case.

We asked Jerry Lee, head of the Luxa2 division for Thermaltake and this is what he told us.

“This cool case is made from genuine leather and has an adjustable strap that attaches quickly and easily to the back of your car’s headrest”, said Jerry.
It has a microfiber interior and gives you full access to ports and controls – while the elastic hand strap can also function as a handgrip, which you might find useful”, he explained.

We asked about the launch price and Jerry said, “It will be on Amazon soon – and very cost effective!”

Strap on, sit back and enjoy. That seems to be the Luxa2 message.
Strap on, sit back and enjoy. That seems to be the Luxa2 message.

KitGuru says: It will depend on the price, of course, but this kind of harness would be useful to anyone who wants to entertain passengers on the move.

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