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The Arzum Firrin sliding toaster

We like our gadgets on Kitguru and one that has always grabbed our attention is the toaster. The new Arzum Firrin Toaster has won the 2012 Design Turkey award.

Instead of popping the toast out vertically with a loud noise, the toaster has a sliding tray which means it can accommodate a huge selection of rolls and bagels. It has seven levels for toasting and a dedicated defrost option as well. You slide the bread in and switch it on.

The indicator light will then go off and you slide it back out. To keep it clean, the lower section also slides out for easy crumb removal.

The Arzum Firrin is available in four colours and sells for 129 Turkish Lira. Amazon should hopefully get stock in the coming month. More over here.

Kitguru says: A sexy toaster, if ever there was such a thing.

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