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Luxa2 launches new range of Apple accessories

Luxa2 is the ‘executive goodies’ division of Thermaltake. While the core company brand deals with chassis etc and Tt eSports handles the pro-gamers kit, Luxa2 focuses on all things Apple. KitGuru checks the latest offers to see if they are really golden and delicious.

Hot on the heels of its gorgeous Alum Luxe iPhone 5 cover, Luxa2 has now extended its range to include 3 new products for the iPad Mini and the designs are certainly attractive to the eye.

Luxa2 Butterfly case for the iPad Mini features an Origami-style design which opens to create a number of support options for your tiny tablet. With metallic corners to protect against bumps and scrapes, the case itself has been formed from soft, supple leather – for that added touch of comfort and luxury.

Luxa2 Butteryfly Origami case for the Apple iPad Mini

Luxa 2 Lucca also provides a soft leather exterior for your Apple device, but this time the stand mechanism is magnetised – allowing to to create the viewing angle you want.

Luxa2 Lucca case for the iPad Mini from Apple

Luxa2 Sandstone is for people who are looking more for straightforward protection against the 21st century. It’s lightweight, durable and comes in a range of soft colours to suit your character and mood.

Pastel shades of the Luxa2 Sandstone cover for iPad Minis

In the UK, sales for Luxa2 is handled exclusively by mobile specialist Expansys. Don’t worry if the name doesn’t sound familiar, they actually carry close to 30,000 product lines and supply customers in over 100 countries – with more than 2 million people a month hitting their sites in 16 languages. Nice work if you can get it.

KitGuru says: Luxa2 has a great eye for design and we’d like them to expand their reach into the UK. Buying accessories over the web is like trying to buy speakers by looking at them.

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