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Corsair H100 & H100i Performance Comparison with SP120 Fans

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are going to take another look at the Corsair H100i liquid CPU that we reviewed a few weeks ago.  We were very impressed with the cooler and it deservedly won our most prestigious ‘Must Have’ award.  This time, we are going to see how the cooler performs when paired with some of Corsair’s latest aftermarket fans.

The Corsair Air Series SP120 fans are available in two editions – quiet and high performance. These are essentially the same fans but they spin at different speeds, offering different compromises between noise and airflow.

These fans are specially designed to be used with water cooling radiators as they generate high static pressure.  Corsair has other fans available in the same series which are designed to be used as case fans, called the Air Flow series.

In this article will see how these new fans compare to the standard fans that are supplied with the H100i, as well as seeing how the cooler performs with them running in push and push-pull configurations.  We will also be testing the legacy H100 with the same fans, to see how the two differ in terms of performance.


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