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HTC to offer 7inch & 12inch Windows RT tablets

Slashgear have spoken to some unnamed sources who say that HTC are planning on releasing a 7 inch and a 12 inch tablet running Windows RT.

This will offer a challenge to the Surface Microsoft tablet. The sources say that the tablets will also operate as a smartphone, allowing the user to make calls. We would imagine that a BlueTooth headset would be used, rather than being forced to hold a 12 inch tablet to your ear.

The 7 inch tablet is a first for Windows RT. Using an Intel processor would be more expensive so for the time being that isn't a plan for the company.

Slashgear add “Neither Microsoft nor HTC spokespersons confirmed or denied the rumors. Keep in mind that the information comes from unnamed sources, so until something official surfaces, take it all with a grain of salt. For now, it’s said that HTC plans to release the tablets in Q3 of 2013, but that the company has not set any production or release dates yet.”

Kitguru says: A challenger for the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7?

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