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Angry Birds replaced at No1 by ‘Draw Something’

The new mobile game ‘ Draw Something’ has become the fastest growing mobile game in history. Within the space of 50 days the game, originally designed by OMGPOP has reached over 50 million downloads. Zynga bought the company and have been able to claim the success as their own, yet again.

Angry Birds has been knocked has been knocked into second place by Draw Something in the Apple App Store.

Draw Something: 'I am your father'. honest.

Draw Something has gained popularity due to the ease of use, and the interactive way that everyone can enjoy the experience. Players can also invite friends to play and create a social experience on top of the single player mode.

Zynga paid $180 million for the startup company who created the game, a lot of money to invest. Clearly they did their research as this game has generated a lot attention worldwide already.

Statistics revealed say that people who have played the game have created 6 billion drawings already, since the game launched. It is growing at 3,000 drawings per second. Incredible!

Kitguru says: Have you played it yet? Do you like it?

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