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eReader users read more books than hardback lovers

A recent study from Pew Internet has discovered interesting statistics on American’s habits where book reading is concerned. The study reveals that the average e-reader user has read 24 books in the last year, compared to just 15 books read by those preferring traditional paper books.

In a country where 99% of people can read and write, only 78% of people have read a book at all in the last year. While 21% of American adults have read an e-book in the last year. This is up from 17% in just a few short months. This has been caused by the advent of cheap and easily available tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The study also looked into when and where people prefer e-books over the printed font. As a general rule e-books are preferred when they want access to a book quickly, when travelling and when the user is looking for a wider selection. After all an e-book is the size of a small book, while also being able to store hundreds of books.

Unsurprisingly, books are strongly preferred when reading with a child and when books are shared with other people. You still can’t beat a class picture book for young children. While the verdict is still split between the electronic and print editions of books whilst reading in bed.

Kitguru says: Read it in the dark, read it wherever you please, it is no surprise e-readers are becoming more popular.

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