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Chinese handsets coming on strong

Looks like today could be ‘mobile Friday’ from a stories point of view. Following close behind Samsung’s amazing profits announcement, we’ve now had eyes-on an analyst document which reveals that 3 of the top 10 phone manufacturers are now Chinese. KitGuru compares some of the numbers to sift chart crackers from prawn crackers.

While TalkTalk customers may well have seen the Huawei logo on a low-end home router, the brands ZTE and TCL are unlikely to have caught your eye.

Also, when these Chinese giants hit the global markets, it won’t necessarily be in the standard mobile phone format. For example, ZTE is big in the OEM area for tablets and the market for cell-phone enabled tablets is expected to grow 40% this year to almost 100 million units.

The next effect is that you could end up making phone calls on ZTE mobile technology, without ever realising it. nice.

Alongside the basic phone call functionality, almost 100% of clever phones now incorporate an accelerometer to tell the device whether you’ve moved from portrait to landscape mode. Over the next couple of years, these will all move toward being more sensitive gyro devices – allowing for greater ‘functionality through motion/position’.

The latest advances in mobile phone technology mean that Qualcomm has a leadership position in almost all of the important technologies for the future – while at the same time Intel execs like Mark Bohr (Senior Fellow of Technology and Manufacturing Group and a Director of Process Architecture and Integration – i.e. Hello Mr Chips) have come out publicly to say that Qualcomm’s FAB-less model for production is dead.

While Chairman Hou Weigui might not be aiming for the global number one spot, his Shenzhen factory capability is ready to give the global players a very hard time

KitGuru says: Chinese companies will work hard to pwn their own market, while at the same time Apple is being tripped up in all sorts of legal quagmires that seem almost designed to slow progress. The real question remains, ‘3D transistor technology and mega-FABs or not, can Intel mount a serious challenge to the mobile market leaders when they’re starting from so far behind and the Chinese are moving so fast?’

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