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Nokia CEO issues a warning to Android phone makers

Nokia recently teamed up with Microsoft, to launch a new attack on the mobile marketplace. Nokia leader Stephen Elop has issued a warning this week to Android phone makers, saying they should be concerned.

The news that Google are going to buy Motorola for $12.5 billion has caused much debate in analyst circles, with some claiming that Motorola will get better service than rivals HTC or Samsung.

Stephen Elop has been fueling the fire and he said at a Helsinki seminar this week “If I happened to be someone who was an Android manufacturer or an operator, or anyone with a stake in that environment, I would be picking up my phone and calling certain executives at Google and say ‘I see signs of danger ahead.”

Stephen Elop: Nokia CEO

The move, he claims has also highlighted the positive move for Nokia to partner up with Microsoft.

“The very first reaction I had was very clearly the importance of the third ecosystem and the importance of the partnership that we announced on February 11, it is more clear than ever before.”

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