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HTC targets mid-range market with new Desire 500 handset

HTC has been make a bit of a come back over the past year, since the release of their flagship One handset.  This handset has been critically acclaimed for it’s excellent build quality, sleek design and innovative camera.

It seems that HTC are looking to build on their recent success, releasing the slightly more cost effective One Mini handset a few weeks back.  However, they are also looking to appeal to those users who aren’t looking for such a high-end handset.

The Desire 500 handset is designed for those looking for a mid-range handset which offers decent performance and a large 4.3 inch screen.  It boasts a number of exciting features such as an 8 megapixel camera and a 1.2 GHz quad core processor which seek to differentiate it from the masses of mid-range handsets already on the market.


HTC haven’t released information of the pricing of the Desire 500 yet, which will no-doubt be the key factor determining its success in such a competitive market.

They have confirmed, that there will be dual-sim and NFC enabled handsets released in certain markets, however it’s not yet clear what these markets will be.  We expect that the dual-sim model will be reserved for the Chinese market, where dual-sim phones are much more popular.

KitGuru says: We look forward to seeing how competitively the Desire 500 is priced as it’s likely to make or break the success of the handset.

Thanks Engadget; Photo: Engadget.

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