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John Carmack joins Oculus VR

In a press release, Oculus VR has announced that John Carmack has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer.

The co-founder of id Software was quoted as saying “The dream of VR has been simmering in the background for decades, but now, the people and technologies are finally aligning to allow it to reach the potential we imagined. I’m extremely excited to make a mark in what I truly believe will be a transformative technology.”

The future of gaming?

Meanwhile, Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus, said “I am thrilled to work with John on building the Metaverse. John’s early experiments with the Rift put Oculus on the map and helped create an amazing amount of momentum around virtual reality. His technical genius and passion for solving hard problems makes him the ideal CTO.”

Development kits for the Oculus Rift began shipping in March 2013 and it seems Oculus is pushing to bring the industry’s brightest minds together to complete the final product.

It remains to be seen if the Oculus Rift will revolutionize gaming. If anything, there is no lack of talent and experience with Carmack on the team which should inspire potential buyers with some confidence.

KitGuru says: Hiring Carmack is a strategical decision but the Oculus Rift’s success will ultimately depend on support from developers. If the technology is implemented poorly or only used as a gimmick we doubt it will be a sustainable endeavour.

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