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A school that replaced laptops with iPads regret the move

It doesn’t take a genius to realise the amount of tweaks and changes needed to your typical exercises, some of which are near impossible, when switching from a Windows laptop to Apple’s iPad. Regardless, this is what an unknown school has done and has come to regret it.

While most of the staff “jumped” at the chance to exchange their laptop for an iPad 2, they soon encountered problems. Documents such as Microsoft Office files are not easily editable on the iPad and teachers had to rely on somewhat unreliable remote desktop connections to do this. Furthermore, the staff complained about the lack of a USB slot, although they did try to make the move to Dropbox it raises the question of data security. Not stopping at just iPads, Apple TV units were bought to stream content from the staff’s iPads. However, this brought about problems of its own.

The iPad experiment didn’t flop completly though, staff found the iPads more useful for note taking and quickly accessing the student database.

KitGuru says: We have to wonder how a similar experiment except with upcoming Windows RT tablets would go.

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