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Foco: sound enhancer for the iPad 2 / iPad 3

We received an interesting email this evening from a start up company who are developing a new gadget for iPad 2 and iPad 3 users. ‘FOCO’ is a simple, effective sound enhancing device which is designed to work with naked, or cased iPad tablet computers.

Adewale from the company Unique Design Studios (UDS) is keen to the get the project off the ground because he says it significantly enhances the sound quality of the Apple tablet.

They say “Foco is Spanish for “Focus”. As the name implies, this low cost accessory is designed to focus the sound from the rear built in speakers of the iPad to the front using simple principles of physics in a way that allows the sound waves to be reflected and redirected. This results in an enhanced and richer sound experience when listening to music, watching movies, playing games, listening to audiobooks/podcasts or anything that requires sound while using the iPad.”

Adewale told us “We have just launched on Kickstarter and wanted to personally invite you to view the project and offer your iPad users another option to enhance their sound.”

Going on the images above we believe FOCO clips over the speaker and redirects and expands the direction of the sound. Other iPad users may have noticed that sometimes when placing their hand close to the speaker can change the direction and width of the audio.

Are they onto something radical and ground breaking? You can help them get it kick started by visiting this link. They need to raise $7,000, so it isn’t a lot of money if they can get a couple of hundred people who are interested in the idea.

Kitguru says: Interested in helping a start up? Then visit the link above.

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