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iPad 2 will be available for under £400 in UK

It looks like Apple aren’t shafting the UK public this time around, we are hearing that the 16GB version of the iPad 2 will cost only £399. Well, if you can manage to get a hold of one that is.

With the original launch of the iPad, the UK was left twisting in the wind for many months, with many people paying over the odds to dodgy Ebay stores in the US. When it did launch, the UK pricing was rather high.

This time, the WiFi only, 16GB model will cost £399, down from £429 before. The 32GB version is going to cost £479 and the 64GB £559. Many ebayers were selling the 32GB iPad at launch time for £800+ online.

As before, if you want 3G connectivity and GPS then you pay £100 extra. Fair enough.

While £399 is still a fair chunk of change to fork out for a tablet, the fact that Apple have broken the £400 barrier is a win. Psychologically, people are much happier seeing £399, rather than £429, even if it sounds daft. Again, we doubt getting hold of one in the first month will be easy, but for those who are patient, there will be more stocks in after the first month of sales.

KitGuru says: Is 16GB really enough storage however? We think 32GB is the bare minimum for a tablet.

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  • Frank

    iPad 2, man im sick hearing about it. Apple just have the magic touch however. there are tons of great tablets out on the market and no one seems to be able to shift them. Apple sell more in a weekend than others sell in 3 months.