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iPad to dominate market to 2014

Apple dominate the tablet market, that isn't breaking news because we all knew it months ago. However Gartner, the well known research and analysis organisation have just released a new report which shows that this isn't set to change, anytime soon.

According to their findings, the iPad is going to account for almost 74% of worldwide tablet sales, chased by Android machines which claim 17.3%. While that looks immensely strong for Apple, it is worth pointing out that last year their market percentage was 83%. It was inevitable however because there are a handful of quality Android tablets on the market this year, including the Motorola Xoom and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Gartner are claiming that other platforms will not have more than 5 % share in 2011. “We expect Apple to maintain a market share lead throughout our forecast period by commanding more than 50 per cent of the market until 2014, This is because Apple delivers a superior and unified user experience across its hardware, software and services.” said Carolina Milanesi, research vice president at Gartner.

Steve Jobs with the latest iPad 2 (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

She added “Apple had the foresight to create this market and in doing that planned for it as far as component supplies such as memory and screen, This allowed Apple to bring the iPad out at a very competitive price with no compromise in experience among the different models that offer storage and connectivity options.”

Tablets are proving popular in many ways for a growing audience. In the evening it is much easier to lounge on the sofa with a tablet on your lap while watching the television. They have also proved popular for sales representatives who can showcase powerpoint presentations on the move. They certainly aren't replacing a laptop, but netbook sales have been damaged as ‘casual' users find that a tablet can fulfill their basic needs, such as writing quick emails, surfing the net and playing games.

Kitguru says: The Android platform is sure to grow over the coming years, but according to experts, Apple will be the leader for at least another 2-3 years.

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