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VIA try to stop Apple selling the iPad and iPhone: patent dispute

Apple have been involved in a lot of legal action in the last couple of months, noticeably with Samsung. The latest news to hit involves VIA, who are suing Apple for infringing on three patents which are associated with the microprocessors used in their iPhone and iPad.

VIA have applied for a jury trial and also an order to prevent Apple from selling products containing the alleged patents in the United States, which is a very strong base for their products.

VIA try to stop sales of specific Apple products in US

VIA said “The products at issue generally concern microprocessors included in a variety of electronic products such as certain smartphones, tablet computers, portable media players and other computing devices.”

Bloomberg have reported that Apple have yet to comment on the legal action.

Kitguru says: It will be a tough block for VIA, but we will keep you posted as it happens.

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    cool !!! dont forget, TSMC is taiwanese too…. they ll throw Apple’s butt too…