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iPad to drop below 50% market share in 2013

Apple may rule the tablet roost right now, but analyst Sameer Singh predicts that Android based tablets will out sell iPads in Q2 or Q3 2013. This year, sales of Android powered tablets have grown faster than iPad sales in six out of the last eight quarters.

Android is a growing force, the smartphones have taken the sales crown with 75 percent market share and 57 million shipped by Samsung in the last quarter.

iPad share has already dropped to 50.4 percent in the third quarter of this year but analyst Singh says it was a low figure due to the public waiting on the iPad Mini. Singh says that Q4 figures should be stronger for Apple.

Singh says that the iPad will not always be the market leader. Apple have already experienced a challenge when Amazon released the Kindle Fires, which sold within a few million of Apple's sales numbers. Apple are also expensive, which alienates a portion of the consumer audience who simply can't afford a new iPad. The latest Kindle Fire HD for instance retails for less than £200 inc vat in the UK, significantly less than the iPad.

Kitguru says: Regardless of your loyalties, there are certainly no shortage of tablets on the market this year.

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