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Sharp continue to face panel delays for iPad 3

Apple will start selling their new tablet computer later this week, but they won’t feature panel technology from Sharp in the early phases due to deliver delays, according to a report published on the Wall Street Journal.

Sharp are well known for creating a quality panel, and have experienced success with their Aquos range of televisions. They have been facing problems however in delivering Apple a number of screens for their new tablet computer. According to the report they may start delivering the screens shortly, but it is leaving their competitors in a very strong position.

Sharp initially planned on getting the panels to Apple late last year, but they experienced problems customising the panel. They haven’t lost the contract with Apple, however they have to share the supply with LG Display Co and Samsung Electronics Co.

LG Display met Apple’s requirements a while ago, after initial problems. Mizuho Investors Securities Analyst Nobuo Kurahashi said “The delivery delay is not only negative for Sharp, but it could give Samsung more bargaining power towards Apple.”

It must be a strained relationship as Samsung and Apple have been locked in legal battles in various countries, over patent ownership. Samsung are still a primary component supplier for Apple, but they compete in the tablet and smartphone market.

Apple are already facing shortages of the new iPad 3 tablet, as initial stock immediately sold out, forcing a 3 week delay both in the UK and USA. If Sharp can meet delivery deadlines it will help Apple to build more tablet computers to meet the growing demand.

The iPad 3 is a substantial upgrade, featuring a new 2,048×1536 resolution screen, up from 1,024×768 pixels on the iPad and iPad 2. It also ships with increased processing power, which should make it a formidable gaming machine.

Kitguru says: Sharp have dropped the ball, letting Samsung run amok with panel deliveries. Can they pick it back up again?

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