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KitGuru Gaming – Weekly Round Up

For those tech readers who don’t always get time to check out our game related content at Kitguru gaming – here is a round up of content published in the last week.

“A New Way of Playing RPG’s”

As games move away from controllers and into truly motion-based controls, will gamers get the same sense of satisfaction as from a regular controller? The next Fable game – Fable: The Journey – will show us more of the capabilities of the Kinect and the future of controller-less gaming.

fable the journey 300x139 A New Way of Playing RPG’s


“Positive Impact Video Games Have on the Brain”

It is proven that video games actually do change your brain, often for the better. University of Wisconsin psychology C. Shawn Green cites that although any activity such as reading or playing instruments change brain activity, “games definitely hit the reward system in a way that not all activities do.”

wallpaper call of duty 5 world at war 01 1920x1080 300x168 Positive Impact Video Games Have on the Brain


“A New Console to Grace Living Rooms Around the World?!”

Ready for a completely new gaming system? Ready or not, one just might be on its way!

article img A New Console to Grace Living Rooms Around the World?!


“Happy 90th Birthday to the ‘Father of Video Games’!”

Credited with being the “father of video games,” Baer said that at a time when 40 million TV’s made their way into American homes, he sat and stared at a TV, thinking, “What can I do with this?”  Out of his imagination, video games were born.

front Happy 90th Birthday to the “Father of Video Games”!


“Game-Designing AI”

What kinds of games can computers design? Check out our article to find out!

game Game Designing AI

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