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Tablet sales explode as owners eye up a second buy

Previous estimates for the UK tablet market may need to be chewed up and spat out, as new data reveals that we’re not happy sharing. Nope, in 2012, we want more, more, more. KitGuru cries, “Get your hands orf my iPad!”.

At KitGuru, we love rolling the clock back. It makes us feel like old fogies, and that’s a glove that fits us like an old pair of slippers.

According to anal-ists at Deloitte, tablet sales are going to explode this year. Here’s what a top Deloitte anal-ist had to say on the subject. Jolyon Barker, global lead for Deloitte’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications department, said: “The tablet explosion has shown little sign of slowing down since hitting the market in 2010 and is set to take the mantle of the most rapid multiple market penetration in history.

“Around five million tablets will be sold to people who already own one in 2012, generating up to £1.3 billion in revenue for technology businesses. It is worth remembering that it took several decades after introduction for more than five percent of households to have more than one car, phone, radio or TV.”

KitGuru says: Apart from a tragic mis-spelling of Julian, the only thing Deloitte-man seems to be missing, is the amount of money the additional ‘accessories sales’ will create around those tablets.

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