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Comfipen Capacitive Stylus for iPad Review

Rating: 4.0.

There are a vast selection of capacitive styluses available on the market, such as the Bamboo Stylus that we looked at a few weeks ago.  Even though an iPad is designed to be used with fingers, there are certain applications in which a stylus or pen is preferable.  For example, when you want to take notes or sketch drawings, a stylus can be very beneficial.

Today we are going to look at a capacitive stylus from a company called Comfipen.  This is designed to feel more like a dry-erase marker than a pen, as apparently, writing and drawing on an iPad feels more like writing on a dry-erase board, as you can't rest your palm while writing.

Our sample of the Comfipen wasn't supplied in any retail packaging but we are assured that packaging will be introduced soon.  Comfipen sent us a picture of what the retail packaging will look like (above).

The stylus itself is a little narrower than a dry-erase marker and is a hexagonal shape, rather than round.  This makes it a little awkward to hold, especially considering the surface of the stylus is quite slippery.  There is also no clip on the top, so you can't attach it to the edge of a pocket.

Unfortunately, the stylus is also quite heavy as it is constructed entirely from metal.  This makes it a little cumbersome to use, especially compared to the Wacom Bamboo stylus which was much easier to manoeuvre.  The Comfipen also has quite a large nib which makes it difficult to sketch or write on screen with.  It does glide across the screen with minimal resistance, however.

We have used this item for the last couple of weeks and sadly we are left with generally negative impressions.  It's just too heavy, bulky and uncomfortable to use.  The black finish also doesn't look as sleek and professional as the silver and black of the Bamboo Stylus. At a price of £12, it is £8 cheaper than the Wacom Bamboo stylus but we feel you would be better off paying the extra, as the Bamboo stylus is much superior.


  • Glides effortlessly across the screen.


  • Too heavy.
  • Uncomfortable to hold.
  • Expensive for what it is.
  • No clip for a pocket.

KitGuru says: You'd be better off paying the extra and getting the Wacom Bamboo Stylus.

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Rating: 4.0.

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