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iPad 3 ready to buy on March 16th: start queuing now

9to5mac have been told by an inside Apple source that Apple will start selling the iPad 3 on March 16th. The demand for the new super high resolution tablet is going to be ‘off the charts’ however, so many people will be disappointed for many weeks as stock starts to filter into the channel.

This is a 9 day delay between the announcement and the first tablet computers to hit the retail channel, not too bad. Other reports suggest that Apple may call the product ‘iPad HD’ relating to the new 2048×1536 screen resolution, up from 1024×768 on the current version.

A 7 inch 'Mini iPad' is also going to be released. later this year.

Apple are also upgrading the processing and graphics power to handle the new pixel crunching demand placed on the hardware, whether this will result in slightly reduced battery life has not been confirmed.

Many punters are going to be queuing at their local Apple store for the chance to be one of the first to get their hands on the tablet computer, but according to reports from the Far East, there will be only a limited number of tablets available at launch, due to the demand placed on the companies who are creating the new panels.

Kitguru says: iPad 3, iPad HD, why not just call it the ‘Super iPad’ complete with the famous ‘S’ logo on the front and be done with it?

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