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Looking for a cheap iPad? ebay flooded with deals

The release of a new Apple product means that customers rush to sell their perfectly fine, but ‘out of date’ product. Ebay has already seen a raft of tablet computers for sales in the last couple of weeks, but now that the mainstream public are fully aware that a new ‘super iPad’ is due for release they are rushing to flog their iPad or iPad 2.

Ebay have said that the average selling price of the iPad 2 is now £283. Apple are going to cut the price of the iPad 2 to £329, selling alongside the latest iteration with high resolution screen (more resolution than a 1080p television) and added processing power.

The cheap deals on ebay are said to keep climbing as customers look to recoup some money for a new purchase. We counted over 5,000 deals on ebay UK this morning.

Looking to maximise on sales, Carphone Warehouse are offering a trade in scheme for older iPads. The original iPad will be bought for prices ranging between £135 and £205. iPad 2 trade in prices will range between £245 and £355. Trade in schemes are generally pain free, but they don’t often generate as much money as can be achieved through a direct sale, such as via Ebay.

Kitguru says: For those people who haven’t yet bought a tablet, the time to strike is now

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