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Intel H77 chipset boards from MSI creep onto the web

Following on from existing story about the early launch of Z77, a reader suggested that we also look for signs of the lower cost H77 chipset boards. We looked and to our surprise, found them. But this time, MSI must look to market the new board without review support it seems.

In our earlier KitGuru story about the (what looks like) full scale launch, review and sale of MSI Z77 chipset mainboards, the products are selling for up to £158.39 with UK taxes.

But we are all living in money constricted times so bargains will be more popular. Enter the MSI H77MA-G43 for only £71.99 including UK taxes. The specification seems pretty complete for a board at this price, but Futuremark does not (this time) point the way to any full scale reviews complete with award logos. Looks like we will have to wait for numbers.

It’s nice that the description accurately points out support for 3rd Generation Core i7/ Core i5/ Core i3 processors and we see that it has 4x USB3.0 with a pair of x16 PCI-Express slots for faster graphics (one of which is 3rd generation itself).

Stock on this product look strong, so you will have no problem buying NDA merchandise ahead of the official launch, but this is something that KitGuru cannot possibly recommend.

Futuremark does not seem to have found follow up H77 reviews on the list of Z77 review sites it published earlier.

KitGuru says: At the time of writing, we could not find any links for Asus or Gigabyte H77 boards. Maybe after the launch.

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