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3D scanning and augmented reality for iPad

Occipital have developed a product called the Structure Sensor, a clip on accessory for the iPad which is designed to allow the user to scan 3D objects as well as to play augmented reality games. Occipital have clearly seen the potential of the Kinect for 3D applications.

want to bring the device to market by funding it on Kickstarter. So far it is shaping up well, they have already raised $263,000 of the $100,000 goal they needed.

The company have always been grounded in software, and are known for their 360 Panorama application and the move is somewhat radical for the company. The Structure Sensor attaches to the iPad using a bracket and this overlays PrimeSense 3D sensors with the iPad's camera. IR lasers allow the Structure Sensor to see in the dark or invisibly signal another device. The scanning range of the product is between 40 cm and 3.5 meters – ideal for a room or objects.

The Structure Sensor will ship with demonstration applications, some of which are highlighted on the Kickstarter page. The company are more interested in creating a platform for developers in the long run. They are giving access to the low level sensor and there is also an API available for those who just want to use features in their own applications. The Kickstarter campaign also includes packages for developers and hackers.

There are some useful applications included with the hardware. The user can scan and export an object to CAD for printing. By simply walking around a room you can create a 3D model and the measurements can be changed as desired. Another supplied application has a virtual pet, which interacts with the furniture. Another application shows the ability of the application to find edges and corners.

The device has been designed for the latest iPad with lightning connector, however the company have drivers available for Android, Windows, OSX and Linux. The device can be hooked in with a USB cable.

The pledge system starts at $349 and they say it will ship in February 2014.

You can see more on the product page here, and on the Kickstarter page here.

Kitguru says: The world's first mobile sensor for mobile devices is certainly getting a lot of attention.

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