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The Alternative Limb Project adds an artistic flair to body prosthetics

The world of prosthetic body parts can be a strange one for people outside of that particular circle. Advances in technology have made it so that losing a limb isn't as bad as it could have been even just a few years ago, and now we're seeing more and more realistic prosthetic body parts being made available every day. One such project is the Alternative Limb Project, which offers people highly realistic artificial replacements that are made personally for you. From casting your sound limbs in order to make a mirrored option, to letting you help with the design process; you can have a replacement crafted that will look every bit as real as you could want.

Aside from the realistic limbs, the company also produces more exotic prosthesis for their customers which stray quite far from the realistic look, but they certainly have their own appeal.

Alternative Limb Project

This fetching chainmail-esque design means you'll always seem to be ready for battle.

True to their name, these alternative limbs offer a very striking look for the wearer. Various different models have already been designed and produced, from a floral motif on porcelain, to snakes crawling literally through the limb itself.

Whilst the need for prosthetic limbs isn't one that could be called conventional,  there are still many people that do need them. This artistic option allows those people to express themselves however they might feel without losing the option to have a realistic limb produced instead. Body mods have been increasing in popularity in recent years and these alternative prosthetic could be considered an extension of that, allowing those people to pursue completely unique options with their personal modifications.


Wearing an imitation limb can also be fashionable

KitGuru Says: I've needed a prosthetic finger for a couple of years now, and if I do get a replacement digit then I'd love to have something like this as a semi-permanent prosthetic. Realism is all well and good, but when there are options like this available it can't hurt to try them out and see what works for yourself.

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