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Apple showcase the new A5x quad core GPU iPad

Apple announced the new iPad yesterday, focusing on the new ‘sharper’ screen with upgraded processing power. Apple have said that the new iPad features a panel which is ‘sharper’ than the high definition television set you may have in your living room. They added that the screen will be able to display more saturated colours than the previous models we all know and love (or hate depending on your stance).

Apple have uprated the machine with a quad core A5x processor, to help improve the overall experience. The A5X features a dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the event “We are taking it to a whole new level and are redefining the category that Apple created with the original iPad.”

Many thought that the price would increase, but the prices are apparently holding, and will start at $499 in the US. Versions with 3G support will cost extra, from $629 to $829 and special versions will be released in America which can use the AT&T LTE and Verizon Wireless networks for even faster speeds. The new range of tablets will go on sale in America on March the 16th.

As well as the improved screen and processing power, the new model has a higher grade camera on the back, which they say is comparable to the iPhone 4S.

Apple added that users will be able to store movies in their iCloud remote storage service so they can be accessed through the internet by Apple and PC systems.

• Apple announces new iPad, available 16 March
• Confirms ‘Retina Display’, A5X processor and 5MP camera
• Also adds LTE and voice dictation
• iOS 5.1 announced; brings Siri to Japan and Australia
• Apple TV updated

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