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iPad 3 – first camera shots leak online

The iPad 3 hype is reaching fever pitch as we head into the ‘launch phase’ in the next couple of days. The new technology has been at the forefront of debate, with many publications discussing the new super high resolution screen and enhanced processing power.

One area that we haven’t really discussed a lot is the new camera functionality of the iPad 3. Sure it will be unwieldy to use as a ‘walk around’ camera system, but if you are caught in a situation on the move, with nothing else it might prove useful. An image has apparently leaked online showing the quality of the camera in the iPad 3. First published on Tinhte.vn who managed to get hold of an iPad 3 before launch. They have a thread showing images taken with the iPad 3 – which you can view over here.

This 5 MP camera looks to deliver a decent image, but anyone into serious photography will still find the colour and noise levels not quite up to par. Much as we would expect.

Other sites have discussed the higher demands that will be placed on the iPad 3, especially in regards to storage. If developers start coding games and applications to take advantage of the 2,047 x 1,536 pixel screen then we can expect the installations to hog more space.

Kitguru says: Will 64GB be the defacto size for iPad gamers from now on? We think its a possibility.

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