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Archos teases the G10 XS, slimmest 10 inch tablet to date

Something that is not often talked about is the thickness (or thinness) of tablets. Toshiba’s AT200 currently holds that title but Archos’ G10 XS is to soon take this particular featherweight title. The G10 XS will be a mere 7.6mm thick, just 0.1mm thinner than Toshiba’s own 10 inch tablet.

Archos' G10 XS 10 inch tablet, measuring just 7.6mm thick

The tablet will come running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and be Google certified (so it can run Gmail and other Google Play Store applications,) something many of Archos’ previous attempts cannot attest to. No internal specifications were released at the press event for some strange reason. Instead much of the presentation was focused on the tablet’s slim design.

There will also be a keyboard dock that will make the tablet-keyboard combination look very much like the Asus Eee Pad Slider. Even with the keyboard dock attached the tablet will still only be 12mm thick. Pricing for the G10 XS is estimated to be around 199€ or $260 USD.

7 and 8 inch variants will also become available that will reportedly have the same 7.6 waistline and should be a available for 129€ and 149€ respectively. There is currently no official word on availability.

Kitguru says: I love it when the up and coming underdogs come out with an awesome looking device.

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