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iPad adopted in 355 U.S. Mercedes Benz dealerships

The iPad monster keeps rolling and the latest reports in confirm that Mercedes Benz have adopted the iPad in all 355 of their U.S. dealerships.

While it seems like an unusual pairing, KitGuru has reported over the last month that Apple’s successful tablet has been adopted by many companies to keep records of sales, customer details and presentations. Mercedes Benz launched a pilot program in June sending iPads to 40 of their dealerships for a trial run.

Mercedes Benz found, that by using 3G iPads they were able to keep customers out by the cars to close a sale, rather than having to wander back into the office to hash out information on a desktop computer.

They use a custom software solution called MB Advantage which speeds up tasks such as credit applications, checking on marketing campaigns and performning inspections of lease turn ins. The trial run was so successful and benefical to the company that they are pushing iPads out to every sales representative in 355 branches. A new version of the software should also allow for customers to sign documents directly on the iPad, meaning they could complete a full sales transaction inside the car after a test drive.

KitGuru says: An interesting idea from Mercedez Benz and one which we can see being copied by other companies in the near future.

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