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iPad is set to dominate market through 2012: price is right

This won’t come as a shock to many, but Apple’s iPad is all set to continue world dominance through 2012, according to analyst reports released in the last couple of days.

The new report shows that Apple have no fear of being overtaken by a new product. The July 7th analysis which was issued by the Canaccord Genuity, and primary analyst T. Michael Walkley has pointed out that Apple have the price point spot on. Other tablets are having a hard time undercutting the price and with such a strong list of applications and support it is proving difficult to even get a foothold in the sector. “Our checks indicate both the Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook have not sold well at current price points, as we believe competing tablets must sell at a substantial discount to the iPad 2.” they said.

So far, the major players in this sector have been unable to undercut the iPad significantly, which will be needed to get sales figures increasing. Apple’s share of the market at this point is 56 percent, with Samsung trailing with 12 percent in second place. Asus have 5 percent, and they are followed by LG, Research In Motion and Motorola, with 3 percent. HTC have 2 percent.

Apple iPad: unstoppable according to analyst reports

Amazon have not released their new tablet yet, but the analysis shows their 2011 at 5 percent. The report shows that Apple will lose 5 percent of the overall market to competing products.

The reported added “Given the iPad 2’s affordable prices we believe competitors such as Motorola Mobility and RIM would have to sell their tablets at break-even or worse in order to capture stronger market share than our current estimates.”

Microsoft have plans to make a tablet next year, with the upcoming Windows operating system taking center stage. Projections for sales look healthy, especially within the business sector. So between Amazon and Microsoft, they pose the biggest challenge to Apple, however it is not yet sure how much of a market they can take from the Cupertino gadget maker. Digitimes have reported that Amazon are acquiring a surplus of panels in September with the aim of shipping four million units by the end of the year.

Digitimes said “TPK, a major supplier of touch modules for Apple’s iPad tablet PCs, has been reluctant to make a commitment to supplying touch panels to Amazon on concerns of capacity. Winek has also landed a fair amount of orders from Apple recently… its production schedule will become tight in the second half of the year and it may be difficult for the company to accommodate orders from Amazon.”

Kitguru says: Apple to remain at the top in 2012. Not really a shock to anyone.

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  • Impy

    Apple I believe expects to sell over 30 Million iPad 2s in 2011 alone, I don’t see how Amazon’s measly 4 Million is supposed to somehow steal 5% of Apple’s Market Share. I’m not sure how much of a Threat they’re supposed to pose until they get some kind of a real product on the market.

    And if rumors are anything to go by, Apple is planning to launch a “iPad 2 HD” with a 2xxx Resolution Screen or something, so, while a minor sales boost, it’ll still be a sales boost.

    Far as Microsoft, a lot of people have issues with “Windows Phone 7” which isn’t exactly designed with phones in mind. If “Windows Phone 8″ is going to be the same, even on a Tablet, I’m not sure how many people will like that. Unless Microsoft expects customers to hook it up to a 30″ Touch Screen or something, which not everyone will do. So far from what we’ve seen, Windows 8 is incorporating Touch Tech. into itself very deeply, but with 7-10” Tablet Screens, I’m not sure if they’ll be able to pull that off.

    Far as the other people, Samsung has already been proven to be copy/pasting Apple products, only reason they have such a high market share.

    I dare say so far the only Tablet I’ve seen so far with some true differences (excluding the Software its running) is the latest Asus Tablet, which you plug a phone into the back of, although I’m not sure how well that’s selling. For sure its not a modified iPad with a different Logo on the back however.