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iPad leading ‘post-pc’ consumer world

It is a term I never though I would hear, but according to the International Business times, executives are saying that the iPad is leading “a ‘post-PC’ consumer world where users roam free from their desktops with tablets and smartphones.”

Counting the success of the iPad aside, it appears that other manufacturers are having a hard time generating a significant volume of sales however Motorola, Nokia, HTC and Samsung have been spending many millions on research and development, trying to tap into the lucrative iPad market.

Google’s Android system is booming, with smartphone sales now outperforming the Apple iPhone, but they have yet to tackle Apple in the tablet sector.

So why are many manufacturers having a problem taking sales from the iPad? Reading reviews and critical analysis of tablets online, the main focal point and strength for Apple is the software. They have a slick UI and ensure that their customers are well supported with the App Store and iTunes.

While the hardware of many other tablets is just as good as the iPad 2, the falling down point is the software implementation. Google Android is continually improving and many analysts feel that Apples dominance in the tablet sector is fleeting. Sales aren’t yet showing any concerns for Apple, but perhaps in 2012 this will start to change.

With Apple’s upcoming Lion operating system (10.7), their focus is on making the iOS and OSX platforms more interconnected and uniform.

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