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Apple iPad responsible for 83% of 9.7 inch display sales

Apple are a company continually in the spotlight and recent figures from DisplayBank indicate that they are responsible for 84% of all 9.7 inch displays which were sold last month.

Apple use two main suppliers for their iPad screens – Samsung and LG. These companies combined delivered 4.5 million of the 5.38 million tablet displays to Apple last month. The HP Touchpad received a small percentage of the overall production, but it is not yet released.

The more important information to take from this is that Apple sales for the current quarter will be higher than earlier analysis had projected. Apple are also due to release the new 10.7 OSX Lion operating system as well as a new Sandybridge update to the MacBook Air superportable.

Kitguru says: The Q3 2011 earnings report from Apple should be released sometime in July and it will be an interesting read.

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