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Apple iPad 3 said to be ‘thicker’

Rumors are circulating that the upcoming Apple iPad 3 will be thicker than the current version. Asian intelligence sources spoke with Macotakara and the change in size is said to be noticeable.

They report that cases fitting the back of an iPad 2 will be useless, although smart covers which attach to the front of the screen should work well. Parts suppliers we spoke to yesterday evening confirmed that the iPad 3 will be a different size.

iPad and iPad 2 - the iPad 3 might be as thick as the original tablet

Making the iPad 3 thicker is an unusual move for Apple, who tend to focus on making new revisions thinner and sleeker. They may have no option however if they incorporate the super high resolution ‘retina’ panel (2,048×1536 pixels). The move to a thicker device may not prove popular, as a large portion of the Apple audience complained that the original iPad was too bulky.

Kitguru says: Other rumors indicate that the iPad 3 will be getting a high powered Quad core processor, and perhaps an LTE receiver.

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