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Apple iPad 3 said to be ‘thicker’

Rumors are circulating that the upcoming Apple iPad 3 will be thicker than the current version. Asian intelligence sources spoke with Macotakara and the change in size is said to be noticeable.

They report that cases fitting the back of an iPad 2 will be useless, although smart covers which attach to the front of the screen should work well. Parts suppliers we spoke to yesterday evening confirmed that the iPad 3 will be a different size.

iPad and iPad 2 - the iPad 3 might be as thick as the original tablet

Making the iPad 3 thicker is an unusual move for Apple, who tend to focus on making new revisions thinner and sleeker. They may have no option however if they incorporate the super high resolution ‘retina' panel (2,048×1536 pixels). The move to a thicker device may not prove popular, as a large portion of the Apple audience complained that the original iPad was too bulky.

Kitguru says: Other rumors indicate that the iPad 3 will be getting a high powered Quad core processor, and perhaps an LTE receiver.

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  1. A lot of people will be put off with this, if its like the first one, it was quite thick.

  2. Wouldnt matter if they kept the weight down.

  3. but how will people know i upgraded?

  4. Want the long and the short of it without having to read a “mega review”? Here goes. I have an original Kindle and a DX and I’ve had an iPad for one week. I love them all, but the iPad has won me over. Here’s what I’ve experienced so far:

    VERSATILITY – Apps, movies, music, pictures, effective internet connectivity, color display, extremely intuitive GUI all combine to make iPad the hands down winner in this category.

    DISPLAY – E Ink is much better for reading, especially in bright light. And, the matte screen on the Kindle doesn’t smudge as easily as the iPad screen. However, the iPad has a gorgeous color display and once you get accustomed to it, reading is not difficult. I especially like the backlit display at night when reading in bed … I can read to my hearts content and not bother my sleeping wife. Slip on the headphones and my full iTunes library is available while I read. If you want a device only to read books, the Kindle wins. If you want color and a display that shows book diagrams and pictures clearly, the iPad wins.

    PAGE INTERFACE – I actually like turning pages on the Kindle much better than I do on the iPad. While the iPad has a cool page turning visual (it looks like the page is actually turning), the touch screen is far too sensitive and there is very little edge around the screen to hold on to. The result is that I’m constantly turning pages on the iPad when i don’t want to. Kindle’s buttons win this one hands down.

    CONVENIENCE – on the iPad, all my media is in one place (audio books, photos, music, books, internet, breaking news/weather, address book, email … the list goes on.) The Kindle, while and excellent book reading device, still requires me to bring along an iPod or a laptop when I travel. iPad is the clear winner.

    PRICE – Kindle and the iPad simply aren’t that far apart. If a hundred bucks is going to break the budget, stick with the Kindle because it is an excellent reader. If you can afford a little more, go with the iPad… it just is much more versatile. If the Kindle DX were a couple of hundred bucks less, it would be a great reading bargain.

    AVAILABLE BOOKS – hands down, Amazon slaughters Apple in just sheer volume of available titles. However, Apple’s titles often include color pictures, diagrams, etc. that can actually be sized by the reader for easier viewing. Downside here is that Apple’s titles are often higher priced. Winner here is Amazon/Kindle. However, there is an App available for the iPad that allows you to read Amazon Kindle media. It is still not a very elegant design, but it does allow you to read these titles easily and I’m sure the App will only improve with time.

    SEX APPEAL – ok, when the Kindle was first introduced, it was a hot item. I couldn’t read it at the airport without being interrupted at least a few times by people asking what it was and waning to look at it. Same thing with the iPad, only it’s exponentially hotter. With it’s sleek design, excellent color display and tons of Apps, people just go nuts asking questions. In short, it just generates a lot of interest and this is proven by the fact that Apple has already sold over a million of these things during the first month of availability. This thing is addictive … with the Kindle, I can read a book. With the iPad, I can do almost everything I could before on my laptop AND I can read a book.

    MY OPINION ONLY – sorry Amazon. You have a great product that pioneered the whole ebook market (others came before you, but you made it work.) Your Kindle is an excellent product, but given the iPad, your device is very much overpriced. Your library continues to be the standard by which all others are judged and I will continue to buy e-books from you, but I’ll be reading them on an iPad. On that rare occasion where I’ll be laying on a beach reading in direct sunlight, I’ll pull out my Kindle because you have an edge there.

    I hope whoever reads this finds it useful. I the end, it’s your money and your preference so my opinion really doesn’t matter. I hope you enjoy whichever device you settle on.