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iPad 3 may launch October 2012

According to whisperings in Taipei, Apple may be planning to launch the iPad 3 in Q3 next year. I have heard from a source close to Apple last night that the date may be set for October 2012. There is some confusion however as to the naming conventions of the upcoming tablets.

Rumors in close circles say that Apple may launch a new iPad before the full blown iPad 3 which will feature a new high resolution ‘retina' display. Our source claimed an April date for a new updated iPad 2 which would feature weight reduction and better battery life, thanks to the inclusion of new cell technology. The price of this product should be held at current iPad 2 prices.

Rumors point to an ipad 2 update in 2012, with a completely new design end of year

This has not been confirmed by Apple, who will not release information on upcoming products until launch. The iPad 3 will be the one to wait for, as it should receive an overhaul in all major areas, including processing power and screen quality.

More information as we hear.

Kitguru says: iPad 3 will change the game, completely. Apple need to stay on top however as many manufacturers have new models planned for 2012.

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