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AData launches USB stick recovery software

The chaps at AData are like London red buses, nothing for ages and then all the interesting stuff happens in one go. Following on from KitGuru's review of the Nobility range of USB3 pen drives yesterday, something cool seems to be happening on the software side.

Most of the time, most of the pen drives in the world, well, just work.

However, every now and then, you can be thrown a wobbly.

Sometimes, for no obvious reason, one of these sticks will suddenly insist that you can't read from it, can't write to it and/or it wants nothing to do with any wish you might have to re-format it.

Earlier today, AData made a brand new, free, software download available on its web site – specifically designed to help you get an errant drive back to its factory-shipped set up.

AData users can click on this link, enter their serial codes and receive a helpful reset.

Worth bearing in mind that this WILL reset the drive, so you're encouraged to back up any data off it before hand.

It won't help the vast majority of people who will never experience an issue with their AData drive, but for those who do, it could prove a handy little feature.

Seems simple enough to use. Click, click, boom: Issues/data gone, it's a bright new dawn.

KitGuru says: Nice touch. We were wondering yesterday why there wasn't a little more software in the box. This utility was exactly the kind of thing we were looking for.

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