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Apple sales slow as punters await release of new iPhone

Many Apple followers are waiting on the new, upcoming iPhone to be released. The negative impact is that Apple may post low sales in this sector from the third fiscal quarter. No one wants to buy the current model with the new release just around the corner.

Apple are estimated to sell around 25 million iPhones in the current quarter, compared with 35.1 million in the previous quarter.

When rumors circulate before the release of a new product, Apple sales always drop. This is why they like to keep it close to their chest, although in the age of the Internet, this is almost impossible. Apple have yet to release any information on the next iPhone, but that hasn’t stopped website speculating on the latest product release.

The next generation iPhone will have a bigger screen and may have a processor upgrade to enhance the speed of applications and games. Apple may be seen as the market leader, but Samsung Electronics Co are the world’s biggest seller of smartphones. Samsung released the Galaxy S III in May this year.

Kitguru says: When they release the new phone, sales are expected to explode, enabling Apple to end the year in a very positive fashion.

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