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Pick up your iPhone 4s on 14th October

Well, the time is here – the new iPhone will be available in only a few weeks time. There will be two new models released and prices will be published very soon.

According to the Guardian newspaper in the UK, the pricing discussions will start at 6pm. A UK source said “All we know is, there will be two devices, we will put our pricing in to Apple as soon as Tim Cook goes on stage, and we hope to get agreement to announce prices on Thursday.” This unnamed source confirmed the shipping date.

Apple are usually very secretive on new product launches, but this one has been exceptional, with none of the UK networks having any details on the upcoming handsets. Apple is set to release an iPhone 5 in March 2012 and a lower cost iPhone 4S, almost immediately, which is being created to take on the cheaper Android phones.

The Guardian say “All five UK networks will have access to the new phones on day one, and it is understood that independent retailers Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u will also be stocking the handsets. Carphone is understood to have done a deal directly with Apple for the first time, which means it will be able to sell phones ‘unlocked' – free from contracts with particular networks. The company declined to comment.”

Reports show that the 4S will be available in 16gb, 32gb and 64gb models. The iPhone 4 didn't have a 64 GB version.

9to5Mac have some pricing information already, although it is yet to be confirmed.

Kitguru says: Have you placed your order? Bear in mind that although pictures from the US of A might say 12th, Brits might need to hang around the street corner longer for total satisfaction.

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