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iPhone 4s launch and specifications confirmed

KitGuru has been briefed on the latest Apple iPhone. Not only have we seen the detailed specifications, but also an overview of all the launches that are scheduled to follow. Here's the stuff that you will find most useful.

First up, it seems that rumours about a ‘curved phone design' may well apply to the iPhone 5 that's due to launch at the end of March 2012. With the iPhone 4s, the external shell shows little signs of an update.

Once you're under the bonnet, everything changes. Specifically that it comes with a powerful A5 dual core processor – which can process up to 4x quicker than the present iPhone 4 chip.

Yep, that's right, the little ‘S' on the product name will give you 4x the processing power. Nice.

While you have your eyes and jaw wide open, you will want to capture that expression forever – at a quality level never before dreamed of on an iPhone. The new camera system shoots a whopping 3264 x 2448 resolution (8 mega pixel) and the little light detectors themselves are more than 70% better than the existing iPhone 4's camera sensors.

That's a lot of data so, surely, there will be lag between the capture of one shot and the iPhone 4s' readiness to capture the next?  Nope. The engine is so much more powerful, that it can capture these ‘better quality images' over 30% quicker than the current camera.

For all the budding Paris Hiltons out there, you'll be glad to know that you can now capture ‘special sausage eating moments' in glorious Apple colour – at a full 1080p resolution – complete with image stabilisation and noise reduction (just in case you find yourself spasming and moaning).

Under the heading of ‘Dear God no', KitGuru was saddened to hear that it will include artificial intelligence and a little butler who you can ask to “Wake me up at 6am” and it will do so.

Steve Jobs lovers can stand outside their local stores this Friday to pre-order the brand new iPhone 4s.

Shipments will begin on 12th October.

iPhone 4s will represent good value for Apple lovers, going into the Xmas season

KitGuru says: If this minor update is 4x quicker than the previous generation and includes the AI, killer camera and HD video features – it makes you wonder what the iPhone 5 will bring to the table.

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