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White iPhone 4 to launch Feb 27th

Best Buy in the states could be selling the long awaited white iPhone 4 next month. Someone took a picture of a Best Buy Computer Screen showing an in stock date of February 27th.

Best Buy have taken pre orders for the white iPhone 4 during the run up to the original launch which was due June 2010 using the same SKU numbers, but then withdrew the listing when Apple hit the stop button on the production line.

Many rumours have been circulating as to why this phone has taken so long to hit the production line, with ‘manufacturing difficulties’ being the usual stock response. The concerns right now are that most people have already bought the black version of the iPhone 4 so the audience for the white version might be lower than Apple anticipate. Sure, the Apple die hard fans will buy it, but that won’t translate to millions more phones sold each month for Apple. We could be totally wrong, but that is what we think.

Kitguru says: Are you in line for a shiny white iPhone 4? Let us know if you are.

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