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Apple launch confirms KitGuru iPhone 5 shots were real

As the Foo Fighters closed out Apple’s expansive iPhone 5 launch event in California yesterday, opinions about the new phone raged across social networking sites like Facebook. Those who loved the idea of 28 mega pixel photos of their wonderful home city, went straight onto Google to find out how to order the Android rival – while those who always expect more, but never create anything themselves, sat around doing their best grumpy old (wo)men routines. Here at KitGuru HQ, we sat back with a cup of hot chocolate and a smile of deep satisfaction.

Several months back, KitGuru reporters in the Far East came across something extremely rare.

Shots were hurriedly taken and transmitted by electronic carrier pigeon to HQ and the veracity of the new design was discussed. Specifically, was this new product real of just an elaborate hoax. A kind of modern day ‘body double’ to throw our reporters off the scent.

After a lot of discussion and analysis, we decided to go for it and published the world’s first photos of the iPhone 5. Within 24 hours, KitGuru’s scoop was being linked (and severely questioned) by major publications across the world – from The Times in India to Fox Business and Forbes.

We’re not going to go into what happened in the 24 hours after that, but the story was removed.

Now, with the real iPhone 5 back in the public domain, we’re very happy and proud to publish a shot of the actual iPhone 5 – alongside our original, exclusive, shots.

KitGuru says: It’s good to know that genuine world exclusives are still possible these days. We’re off to watch All The President’s Men and fantasise that we’re Woodword, while the real hero of our iPhone 5 story is a ‘Deep throat’ in the Far East who will never be revealed.

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