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New iPhone – curvier with bigger screen

When it comes to Apple's new iPhone, the rumour mill never seems to stop churning out a constant and diverse series of, well, rumours. KitGuru spies have discovered something that may well give a strong clue as to what we should expect next.

The largest Apple compatible products distributor in the UK (and probably Northern Europe) is Colindale based Computers Unlimited. Despite the name, this £125m turnover outfit is, largely, limited to Apple stuff – and has been so for many years.

So what's the latest intelligence?

Well, KitGuru spies attended Computers Unlimited's major expo down at the business design centre. On one of the stands was a chap who creates iPhone holding devices. These clamp to a variety of surfaces, for example bicycles.

He was overheard to say that he's had to place a new order for holders, that allows for a ‘curvier shape' and ‘larger screen'.

While he wasn't heard saying, “To fit the latest iPhone” – we feel it's a fair assumption.

Whether it's a boosted iPhone 4 or the true, next-generation iPhone 5, Computers Unlimited and the rest of the Apple channel are definitely ordering new coffers to hold all the millions of gold coins the UK's recession strapped populous will be throwing at them.

KitGuru says: If the iPhone 4 was an improvement over the iPhone 3, because it had straighter lines and less curves – it will be interesting to see how a curvier phone is sold as an improvement over the straight lines.

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