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Activation problems with new iPhone devices, and iOS 7

Apple has put warnings to early adopters of the new iPhone 5S and 5C devices, as it seems that much like the iOS 7 roll out from yesterday; something just hasn't gone quite right. Users of the new smartphone models should expect to run into activation problems, as well as anybody upgrading to iOS 7 this weekend.

A report on Apple Insider reveals that the hardware manufacturer has issued an internal high priority alert, warning staff that the activation servers for the latest mobile devices have been experiencing issues. Those server problems will reflect back at the users attempting to activate their devices for the first time, resulting in unwanted errors.

The plague of issues isn't exclusive to just the iPhone 5S and 5C though, the entire iOS 7 launch has caused a slough of problems for users everywhere as they try to install the latest software on their iPhones and other Apple devices.

iPhone 5S iOS 7

Now with added uselessness

Activation problems galore, it would seem. Considering the rush of customers who want to get their hands on the latest iPhone models, and the stampede of users who just want to downlaod iOS 7, you'd think that Apple would prepare for this kind of traffic. The new mobile devices aren't exactly cheap, and I know that I wouldn't want to purchase one only to have it be as much use as a paperweight for whatever length of time. The firm was expected to shift “five or six million” units this weekend, so why would the hardware manufacturer not prepare for that?

The situation isn't much better when you look at the company's online store, where all iPhone 5S models are on hold until next month due to selling out completely. Retailers everywhere are also facing a shortage of stock, suggesting that Apple doesn't want too much of the product on the market for whatever mysterious reason it might have.

KitGuru Says: Apple is completely aware of how popular the brand name is, and should have a much better idea of what kind of traffic to expect for events such as these. If anything, this is a sloppy and lazy release that I wouldn't expect of a globally recognised brand.

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