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Short supplies of iPhone 5S before official launch

The next iteration of the iPhone from Apple has been predicted to shift huge numbers at the official launch this weekend, but some reports have been coming in that paint a very different picture for the hardware company.

Various mobile operators in the US have reportedly spoken with Allthingsd about the new handset, noting that there is a shortage of stock of the new iPhone 5S, putting unexpected limits on sales across the nation. This ties in with the strange news that the iPhone 5S wasn't available for pre-order, unlike the lower costing 5C model that is being launched alongside the 5S.

One of the mobile networks that spoke up, went as far as to say “We will have grotesquely unavailable inventory,”

iPhone 5S

Red and orange and green and blue [Sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too. Ed]

Apple has yet to comment on the situation, leaving us with only more questions about the limited product. If it has intentionally crippled the supply in order to increase demand, then why do that now?

Coincidentally, retailers have reported that the iPhone 5S interest seems to be lower than was initially expected. The brand has proven wildly popular, and it was expected that orders of the new smartphone would be rather high. It seems that people are more invested in the budget model iPhone 5C though, and 5S sales are going to be affected by that interest.

With stock levels being low across most retailers, it would seem that people are going to have to start queuing up early if they want to make sure that they get their hands on one of the devices. Just, maybe not as early as this guy.

KitGuru Says: This isn't the strangest of scenarios, but I'd still like to hear what Apple has to say. Perhaps there is a justifiable reason for the lack of stock.

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