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Apple claim worldwide No1 spot for smartphones

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) WorldWide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, companies have shipped 106.5 million units in Q2 2011, compared to only 64.4 million units in Q2 2010. IDC predicted a 67.3% growth which was close to the actual figure of 65.4%.

There is a new leader in the smartphone market, and many won’t be surprised to hear that it is Apple. Ramon Llamas, the senior research analyst with the IDC’s Mobile Phone Technology and Trends team said “Ever since the first iPhone launched in 2007, Apple has made market-setting strides in hardware, software, and channel development to grab mindshare and market share. Demand has been so strong that even models that have been out for one or two years are still being sought out. With an expected refresh later this year, volumes are set to reach higher levels.”

Llamas added “The first half of the year has demonstrated strong growth for the smartphone market. The second half of the year will bring new flagship models and refreshed user experiences to market. These will keep smartphones well out in front of the market, and keep growth on an upward trajectory.”

Iphone 4, soon to be replaced, causing a new flurry of sales for Apple

Nokia have lost the number one position for the first time in the history of IDC’s Mobile Phone Tracker, with their smartphone sales dropping below 20 million, their lowest figure since Q3 2009. Nokia are now working with Microsoft however and their new range of phones has yet to be released.

Research In Motion have had a very tough year, with the lowest year over year growth in all the top vendors, however they have shipped enough BlackBerry smartphones to still claim the fourth spot.

Samsung have achieved the best year over year growth of any of the top companies thanks in part to the success of the Galaxy S range of phones. There are phones in both the high end and mainstream consumer sections which have helped sales to remain high. They also update their software and devices on a regular basis, which has pleased the consumer audience.

HTC have had a healthy year so far and they are on track to ship their target 50 million units by the end of the year. Their brand name and identity is strong and both critical and consumer feedback has been positive.

Kitguru says: Nokia and RIM will hopefully bounce back in the next year, making the market more competitive again.

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