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Apple delay white iPhone: citing production complications

Many of the fanatical Apple user base have been waiting with baited breathe for the release of the white Iphone 4. The problems are apparently so severe that the white iPhone will be delayed until spring of 2011. Why is this ?

Apple are saying that quality production of the iPhone 4 with white plastic has proved more difficult than they had imagined. I have to say that I find this a rather unusual production issue, after all aren’t Research In Motion making white BlackBerries and have announced a new version of the Bold which can be bought with a white chassis.

Rumours from various Apple fan sites suggest that Apple aren’t happy with the home button not matching the white casing, however the black buttons don’t really match the black casing either so this seems a rather weak debate point.

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Many journalists are trying to work out the ‘real’ reason for the delays with Wayne Rash on eWeek even suggesting that “Perhaps Apple is suffering a case of political correctness run amok? Perhaps by creating a white iPhone, Apple might lose its status of being the coolest phone out there. Or perhaps they’re afraid of being too much like RIM, which is, after all, from Canada, not California which is the home of all that’s cool (as differentiated from cold, which is what Canada has to offer). “

This, while obviously a tongue in cheek statement seems rather unlikely as they have made white iPhones in the past, I for instance still have my Iphone 3G, yep in white.

Apple could solve the issues with paint, but unless the process was perfect, they could mark easily and the paint might chip, resulting in many customers unhappy with their recent purchase.

KitGuru says: Production problems with white plastic. We thought we had heard it all.

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