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Apple issue invites for iPhone event Oct 4

Apple have issued invites to an event on October 4th which is based around the new iPhone. The email they sent to selected members of the press was called ‘Let’s talk iPhone’ and it will take place at their HQ in Cupertino.

This event comes at a strong time for Apple as they have broken all records in previous months, quite surprising considering the problems initially with the antenna, and call breakdown. According to recent reports, the iPhone is now officially the best selling smartphone in the world.

The WSJ add however that “sales pale in comparison to the mountain of devices sold around the world that are powered by Google Inc.’s (GOOG) Android operating system.” Reports show that 43% of US smartphone subscribers use the Google operating system compared against the iPhone with 28%.

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs: matching outfits

Maynard Um, UBS analyst said “We believe a refreshed iPhone 5 will boast enough physical improvements to drive another strong adoption cycle.”

The event happens as interest in the iPod is at a low, with sales falling in recent months. Apple have said that iPod unit sales have fell by a fifth in their third quarter when compared against the same time last year.

Kitguru says: We would expect new CEO Tim Cook to be handling events in the October 4th event, and it will be interesting to see his presentation style, now that Steve Jobs has stepped down.

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