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Apple sell 4 million iPhone 4’s over the weekend

Apple have had a good first weekend, with over four million iPhone 4's sold in the first three days. This is a another new record for Apple and a good indication that Q4 revenue could be very strong for the company.

The iPhone 4s will go down in history as the last product Apple released with direct input from Steve Jobs and it has been very well received by customers across the globe. This is central to Apple maintaining a good percentage of the market until the iPhone 5 is released. Competition is heating up from the Android sector in 2011.

Analysts have claimed that Apple may sell 27 million iPhones globally in the fiscal first quarter report.

Samsung are trying to stop sales of the 4s in Australia and Japan, claiming that Apple are breaching patents. They have filed for injunctions in Tokyo and New South Wales Registry in Australia to stop the iPhone 4S being sold. The iPad 2 is also listed as infringing on their patents. Samsung are expanding the request for a sales block into other countries, including Italy.

Samsung have been hurt in recent months when Apple won an injunction, stopping sales of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 in certain countries. A claim that Samsung are still fighting. James Chung, a Samsung spokesman said “We are actively responding in the legal battle with Apple.”

The iPhone 4S may have been well received by customers, but a portion of the analyst market have been less than impressed with the new phone, claiming the design is nothing new and that they had hoped for a new case design. With a new camera, faster processing power and new voice activated artificial intelligence technology the punters seem satisfied.

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