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Canon to release new 18MP EOS 1Dx

Canon have released their latest DSLR camera – the EOS 1Dx. This is set to replace the high selling 1D series and the higher resolution 1DS range of cameras.

The 1Dx has a new sensor which features 18 MP resolution from the full frame CMOS chip. It can also shoot at 12 frames per second meaning it is one of the fastest, especially when factoring in the high resolution. Many are glad to see Canon moving away from the smaller APS-H format.

Rick Berk, a specialist with Canon added ‘there's more to image quality than just resolution.'

The new sensor has 16 channel, dual line readout, compared against the 8 channel, single line designs in the previous range of products. With a larger sensor, low light shooting will be much better.

Canon have included a class leading sensor which will improve AF tracking. They have a new system in place for autofocusing which is set into 6 presets which are based on subject behaviour:

  1. Versatile multi purpose
  2. Continue shooting, ignore obstructions
  3. Instantly refocus suddenly with obstructions
  4. Subjects that accelerate or decelerate quickly
  5. Erratic Subject Movement
  6. Subjects that change speed and move erratically

The camera has a new 61 point sensor with 21 cross type AF points which can be used with lenses with maximum apertures as slow as F5.6.

Canon are claiming that the new sensor brings a new level in image quality. They are claiming much better noise response when compared to the 1D Mk IV or 1DS III. The pixel size is larger than in the 1DS III or 5D Mark II (6.95 microns, versus 6.4) and the difference is even more striking compared to the 5.7 micron pixels in the 1D Mark IV.

With improved signal to noise response and light capturing capabilities it will make for a great replacement for current high end Canon SLR owners.

You can read more about the new launch over here.

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